Happy New Year – 2018

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a happy and safe holiday season with your friends and family.  It was my daughters first Christmas and although she didn’t know what was going on it was exciting for me, my husband and our families.

I wasn’t able to blog much in November and December as I was focusing on my in person business and my growing baby.  With the new year I’m recommitted to regular blogging and I think it should be more possible since my baby is becoming more independent and growing up so fast!  *tear*

In November/December my baby went through a tough few weeks of only napping in motion (car, stroller, carrier) and needing to be carried all day every day – exhausting!  But so much has changed in the last few weeks; she turned 3 months old this week.  She now naps in her crib for a few short naps every day, she’s grabbing toys, squealing, smiling and drooling.  We are starting to see her personality and she certainly knows what she wants, likes to be on the move (gets bored at home) and loves attention from mommy and daddy!  With the new year I’ve started to attend some moms groups and am getting back into exercising.  This morning I went to my first session of Momnet and had a great time!  There are some amazing volunteers who look after the babies for 2 hours while the Moms workout and then have a chat.  It was so rejuvenating to have a  bit of time with adults sans baby!  I’m also doing Belly Bootcamp and Mommyconnections, plus we are regulars at Movies for Mommies, Stars and Strollers and the Giggly Panda Baby Spa!  There’s certainly lots to do in the city with a baby when on maternity leave!

In terms of my business; November and December were busy and filled with Christmas cards!  I did several private workshops and my monthly classes, plus I made and sent over 100 Christmas cards to customers, team members, family and friends!  Here are a few of the Christmas card designs I used this fall.  The pink card was CASE’d from one of my upline’s Genevieve Ko.

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